My Voice And Phenomena
by Grégory CHATONSKY

In My Voice and Phenomena, Chatonsky proposes a device which captures the voice of the user in order to transform it into an image... (+)

Turkmenbashi, mon amour
by MOUCHETTE aka Martine Neddam

The animation Turkmenbashi, mon amour features the famous virtual character Mouchette created by Dutch artist Martine Neddam.... (+)


Give Me Your Light

In response to popular online animal videos (memes, LOL cats), Canadian artist Jhave shows two unsettling figures: a kitten on the verge of dying and an enslaved primate...(+)

Immobilité (Extraterrestrial Glitch Remix)
by Mark Amerika

In Immobilité (Extraterrestrial Glitch Remix), a film entirely created on a mobile phone, Mark Amerika pursues the adventure of a scenario free filming... (+)

Template Cinema

Thomson & Craighead (England) display their on line project Template Cinema, a series of films presented in real time over the Internet...(+)



e-arts edition



An Imaginary Tool For e-Arts

“Video is the new net art” writes Mark Amerika on Twitter! Given that video art is considered to be one of net art’s original sources, this statement may appear somewhat contradictory. Yet it mirrors the works brought together for this exhibition as well as some art forms emerging on the Internet. Standing at the crossroads of video, cinema and hypermedia, such mixed experiences are revamped via current technological tools such as Video Jockey and animation softwares, webcams, YouTube, Flickr, streaming, cell phone. More importantly, they are revitalized through chance, that great force of the imagination through which the computer’s media principles of predictability are diverted.

These projects are presented in the CIAC e-magazine and will be featured on the Biennale de Montréal space during the month of May. I would like to send a warm thank you to the artists who have illustrated, in a manner that words could not express, the important issues associated with the presence of virtual technologies in our everyday lives. 

Paule Mackrous, Curator and Editor-in-Chief


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