Preparing for the Biennale de Montréal 1998 has taken much of our time. That is why the present issue of our Magazine has had to wait so long. Which is not to say that we've ignored our Web site, since we have built a major section to cover the event. Here you will find all the information on the Biennale, as well as a presentation of each of the artists. In addition, the catalogue of the Biennale is now entirely accessible online! Don't miss the opportunity to see for yourself.

An event of this magnitude leaves traces. So abundant are they, in fact, we wish to follow up on the Biennale in this edition the Magazine. Many interviews with artists participating in the Biennale and conducted during the event are being published in this issue. In addition, René-Luc Desgardins, a young architect involved in the production of our event, has written an article on Tansarchitectures 02, a wing of the Biennale that exhibited works which testified to new visions of architecture and its relation to virtual spaces (in French only). In this way, our Magazine stretches its purview to include other disciplines, also in the process of being redefined by new technologies.

Likewise, this edition includes other sections touching on topical subjects involving the Internet as medium and vehicle of information exchange. In Spotlight, Magalie Tremblay, a new contributor to the Magazine, has written an article on the presence of musical works on the Internet. She has also written a commentary on the event Maid in Cyberspace. Finally, as we do for every issue, we present ten Artworks on the Web and a comprehensive Calendar of exhibitions that is updated on a daily basis.

Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Have a nice visit!

Claude Gosselin

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