The interactivity and the possibilities of exchange offered by the Internet allow for the creation of collective works redefining the limits of the text. These projects made in collaboration lead to the infinite growth and the continuous transformation of the text, while delegating, at least in part, content production to the visitor.

Some of these Web Works are in this regard exemplary, especially Douglas Davis project entitled the longuest collaborative sentence. This work originated in the context of exhibitions and performances welcoming many participants and its life has been prolongated on the Web since 1995, without any known ending... Each visitor can add some text onto the last fragment and thus become part of that enormous project.

just change beliefs by Jenny Holzer is another important collective work, composed of an ensemble of statements forever revised by the participants. The variations introduced by the visitors, as well as the new propositions being added to the ones already there, confer to this project an unlimited life.

Finally, Maurice Benayoun's work, Et moi dans tout ça ?2, also relies on the visitors' collaboration in order to rewrite a given text in a continuous manner. Here the amount of text remains about the same. Text fragments are being replaced by others in the course of the story by the reader turned author. The participants' intervention is altering the original text, Genesis from the Bible, a well-known story rendered hardly recognizable here.




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