In the Feature section elaborated by Anne-Marie Boisvert on electronic literature, the arborescent, multilinear and labyrinthic structure typical of many Web Works is discussed at length. Such a structure is transforming the notion of space in Internet text. To this spatial depth constructed by the pages, each relating to each other, one can add the "bidimensional" processing of each page itself.

The surface on which the text is taking place has been in itself the object of many experimentations by artists. The dimensions of the computer screen, its luminous quality, scrollbars allowing text to be hidden as well as exposed, textured and/or colored screen backgrounds, letter shaping and coloring, choice of typography - all these ingredients are being taken into account by artists when processing text in their works. The use of such possibilities bears a strong influence on the meaning of words, statements, and of the story making up the work.

For example, with being human, Annie Abrahams is attributing mind states and feelings to words, adding to their meaning, through the use of letter shaping and coloring, choice of typography and screen background. For her part, Juliet Ann Martin, with oooxxxooo, is mixing word meanings with their materiality, giving them a space on the screen that pushes its own limits. These signs, words and sentences are moving beyond the immediate surface of the screen, in a way only made visible with the use of scrollbars. In Charlotte by Paul Vee, the screen is reconfigured into zones and the story's skilful construction is based on what is being continuously hidden and revealed using scrollbars.

Works discussed more at length in the Magazine

· Annie Abrahams, being human
· Juliet Martin,xxxoooxxx



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