In the context of this special edition on electronic litterature and language, particular attention will be given in this Perspective section to Web Works making special use of text. Complementing the Feature elaborated by Anne-Marie Boisvert and focusing specifically on literature, we will generally discuss attempts made by text to negotiate the computer as a medium and the Internet as means of communication in Web Art.

The computer brings a visibility, materiality, space and structuring possibilities to text that differ from the printed page. The processing of text, the creation as well as the hierarchical organization of files, generates new conceptions concerning text manipulation. Finally, these new avenues of exploration add to the possibilities already offered by the Internet, as, for example, collective text creation, and the use of programs available on the Web.

To deal with these many aspects, we have collected and reviewed several Web Works around these questions in the following sections: Collaborative texts, Text's New Space, Text Generating Programs, Language Atomization, Moving Text.

Sylvie Parent

Translation: Anne-Marie Boisvert



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