With the help of the new tools offered by computers and Internet, text is taking new forms, and is now able to move into space, imposing its own time on reading. The use of animated gifs in Tim McLaughlin's works (see also the atomization section) or in No Memory by Valérie Grancher confers to words a movement and a life of their own.

In Grancher's work, where words are replacing each other at a fast pace, or in Grammatron by Mark America, using javascript, the relationship to time sometimes requires words and texts to be caught as they fly by, and caught up with, a phenomena strongly thwarting the notion of interactivity and of the spectator's control. Je suis ton ami(e)... tu peux me dire tes secrets by Nicolas Frespech, first created with java technology, then with Shockwave Flash, the same sentence bombarding occurrs, leaving the reader passive, in a position analogous to the one of a cinema spectator. Once moving, the work becomes elusive, escaping wilful seizure.

Other Web techlogies allowed for new explorations in text integration into space and time. The use of java applet in fidget, for exemple, by Kenneth Goldsmith and Clem Paulsen is making possible the text transition into space, thus creating multiple relations between words and propositions. In Truth is a moving target by the artist Erwin Redl, the use of Shockwave makes text apparition possible, and multidirectional reading of words, thus transforming once again the relationships that could be established between words in order to build meaning. Mario Hergueta's work, IN the TEXT, created with Quicktime VR, is made up of words in a circular space forming a variable sequence according to the visitor's journey. Finally, in the section entitled spectacle in avec tact, a work by Antoine Schmitt created with the help of Shockwave Director technology, a short text is transforming itself each time the visitor touches one of its components.

Works discussed more at length in the Magazine:

Tim McLaughlin, Threw the Read Window
Mark Amerika, Grammatron
Nicolas Frespech, Je suis ton ami(e)... tu peux me dire tes secrets
Erwin Redl, Truth is a moving target



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