In this page, we will gather Web Works suggested by our visitors, and related to our theme, i.e. the specific use of text in Web Art.

You are invited to suggest one Web Work, yours or somebody else's, concerning this theme. Your suggestions, accompanied ,if you wish, by your commentaries, will be displayed below (unless the work is not related to the theme). You are free to sign your selection or to remain anonymous. We are awaiting your choices.

Thank you!

CIAC might be interested in a hyperessay I recently created for Leonardo, entitled, "Metaphor and Terrain".

Its URL is:


Regarding text based web art i would like to suggest you to take a look at Jaka Zeleznikars web page:

he is an (net) artist form Slovenia, Europe, and i found his work to be very interesting + it's text based so it might be of interest to you (specially pages for generating poems).

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If you wish please visit my hypertext in french, IE4+:
Je me permets de vous signaler l'adresse de mon hypertexte (en franšais, IE4+):

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