etay: a fully-automated, artist-in-residence live-in-gallery and performance-art installation which remains accessible online.

Place: a loft-living-space at 2019 Moreau in Montreal.

Time: Fall 2004 and Winter 2005.

Artists: The Dream Team, Elizabeth Whalley, François Le Karybou, JK Harsman, Jake Elliott and Ezara Hoffman, David 'jhave' Johnston, Meredith Wrede, Michael Alstad and Camille Turner, Nick Fox-Gieg, The God Group (Ovarium, and Svetlana and Andi Wallwhore), Suzanne Hatt and Halil Sustam, and Brian Sanderson (music).
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David jhave Johnston

Bio: David 'jhave' Johnston is a multimedia-poet currently living in Montreal. Among other artistic activities, he has exhibited site-specific installations with the Symbiosis Collective, written and directed multi-media theatre with the Collective Unconscious Collective, recorded spoken-word electronica for the now-defunct underground ZOI label, contributed to a CD-ROM project entitled Navigations technologiques, modified video for the Transmedia2002 festival, completed a music video for Brian Sanderson, worked as research assistant for Obx Active-Text project, and spoken sporadically at conferences on webart.

He graduated in the spring of 2004 with distinction from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Computer Science, minor in Digital Image and Sound.

Before devoting himself completely to digital creation in 1998, jhave finished a six-year exploratory-font project of handwritten mixed-media which was entitled Book. The web project NomadLingo, a year long exploration of digitally-generated mobile-text work, was created from April1/2000 to April 1/2001 and exhibited as monthly installments at

He has been involved in numerous collaborative and solo digital and in-situ art practises (working with among others: Champ Libre, [SAT], Bioteknica,, Ollivier Dyens, ActiveText, Symbiosis, Zoi...). His work has been exhibited at two new media Biennales: the Biennale de Montréal 2002 & Toronto '04.

Recent webworks: Inter-face (september 2003) can be seen at Turbulence;
Video in a cab: teletaxi, 2003;
Flaws, 2003 (see the review by the artist himself in CIAC's Electronic Magazine no 18, Winter 2004);
Etay, 2005 (see the commentary by Xavier Malbreil in this issue.


Adam Zaretsky

Bio: Adam Zaretsky graduated in Art Studio from University of California at Davis, 1995. He has an Art and Technology MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago, 1999. He has two years experience as a Research Associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Arnold Demain Laboratory for Microbiology and Industrial Fermentation, 1999-2001. He has two years experience as an Organic Farmer, working to aid subsistence farmers in such disparate climes as Guatemala, Sumatra, New York and Hawaii, 1993-1995. He also has two years experience as a sex worker/activist, gleaning the underbelly of our human behavioral repertoire for biological commentary on sexual variety, 1996-1998.

Adam Zaretsky has been published in Nature Magazine, Red Herring, Leonardo, The Washington Post and Johnny's Unstoppable Bathroom Reader. He has spoken at Harvard, New York University, the College Art Association (CAA) and the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCIARC).


Interview by Anne-Marie Boisvert
and David 'jhave' Johnston


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