NO LAB : Cao FEI + MAP Office

A Post-Katrina Social Experiment                           Alice Ming Wai Jim (English)

Autoportrait en personnage de jeux vidéo                       Amélie Paquet                    (French)



De Gangnam Style à  草泥马 Style : du désir de bien contrôler son image                             Christine Desrochers          (French)   

Lu YANG              
     La vie devient matériau. Le bio-art à travers l'oeuvre de Lu Yang                                Catherine Barnabé          (French)

Une démarche extrême dans la recherche d'une subjectivité                        Qian He                                 (French)

Kingsley NG 
                We Now Pause for this Message : An Interview with Kingsley Ng                  Valerie Doran            (English)

Kingsley ng



Since the early 2000s, Chinese contemporary art is literally booming. The interest is steadily increasing in Canada and internationally; it’s also spreading in the academic circles and the art market. While this vivacity is often associated with China’s economic prosperity, the main danger of such an analysis is to somewhat forget the unique experiences generated by the artworks. The 40th issue of CIAC's Electronic Magazine brings together articles examining both the aesthetic qualities of Chinese artworks and the issues related to the incorporation of new technologies. Since it’s impossible to identify specificity in Chinese art, we chose to present texts in which the diversity of the artworks reflects the richness and complexity of contemporary artistic practices in China. Video art (Wang Jianwei by Qian He), interactive installation (NG Kingsley by Valerie Doran) virtual world (Cao Fei + Map Office by Alice Ming Way Jim), video games (Feng Mengbo by Amélie Paquet) viral video (Ai Wei Wei Christine Desrochers) and bio-art (by Catherine Lu Yang Barnabé): The authors write about various art forms, raising reflections on the artists ties with their country of origin in addition to their relationship with the latest technologies.


Lastly, we had the chance to conduct a video-interview with the curators of the exhibition Thunder in China, Pia Copper and Margot Ross (at Arsenal Montreal until July 27, 2013). In the interview, issues regarding the blending of the traditional and the contemporary, an important aspect of contemporary Chinese art, are discussed.

Paule Mackrous Editor-in-Chief


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