Past Projects

For the Government of Canada


1985 – The Department of External Affairs entrusts the CIAC with the production of the TRACES exhibition, contemporary Canadian drawings. Exhibition for international circulation in Canadian cultural centers and other exhibition places.


1991 – The Department of External Affairs entrusts the CIAC with the Canadian tour of foreign commissioners as part of the Familiarization Visit program.


1991 – CIAC is the Canadian partner for the Anninovante exhibition of Italian curator Renato Barilli. An exhibition presented in Bologna and other Italian cities for the promotion of the visual arts on the international scene.



For the Government of Quebec


1987 – The Ministère des Relations internationales commissions an exhibition, Quebec on Stage, from the CIAC, to promote the performing arts at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, United States. Curator: Claude Gosselin; Visual designer: Israel Charney.


1989 – The Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the Québec government office in Paris entrusted CIAC with the local organization of the exhibition Aspects de la photographie contemporaine québécoise by curator Philippe Cyroulnik. The exhibition is presented at CREDAC, Paris.


2001 – The Office of the Seasons of the Government of Quebec entrusts to the CIAC the realization of an exhibition of artists of Quebec in visual arts within the framework of the event Quebec – New York 2001. The exhibition, Growth & Risk, presented at The Financial Center in New York was unfortunately canceled the day before the opening, following the attack on the World Trade Center. Curator: Claude Gosselin.



For Corporation Québec 84

1984 – On behalf of Corporation Québec 84, an organization responsible for the Celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec City, the CIAC organizes, under the theme of Wind and Water, exhibitions, film screenings, photographic workshops and interactive projects.