video interview


by Paule Mackrous

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Paul D.Miller aka DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid is a DJ, a productor, and an author (Rhythm Science : 2004, Sound Unbound : 2008). Known for his electronic and experimental hiphop, one can qualify his work "illibient" or "trip hop". I invited him to participate in the Net Sounds issue as his sound practice and his intellectual thought are related, ideologically and practically, to Internet and recent technologies.

Paul D.Miller is, I believe, one of the pioneer in the developpment of the Remix culture. Through his sound and litterary practice, he creates a theoretical practice or a practical theory of sampling that we can easily qualify of interdisciplinary, appropriationist and activist (especially when looking at today's many copyright wars). He also created many pseudonyms which are conceived as creative identities. Influenced by literature, visual art, music and much more, his artist’s name is borrowed from William S. Burroughs’  character “The Subliminal Kid” from the novel Nova Express.

In the interview, the dicussion revolves around the following question : “How does Internet and recent technologies influence your sound and intellectual practice?" The interview is intertwined with his musical pieces 5 Millions Ways to Kill a CEO from The Secret Song album and Infinite Abstraction, a free mix made with his iPhone app as well as fragments of his DVD Kino-Glaz/Kino-Pravda, a remix of Dziga Vertov's classical movie Kino-Glaz.







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