My Voice And Phenomena

Grégory CHATONSKY (France/Québec) -

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In My Voice and Phenomena, Chatonsky proposes a device which captures the voice of the user in order to transform it into an image. Analysing the sound level through a microphone, the work generates a precise number which, in turn, is translated into an image found on the online platform Flick. The transition from voice to image is not semantic. Thus, it heightens the fortuitous aspect that we all experience in our relationships with others. This aspect, described in Derrida's book Speech And Phenomena, arises from the difference between intention and representation.

Notre mémoire (artwork shown in space of the Biennale)

At the center of a dilapidated room: a damaged hard drive sits on a pedestal. Notre mémoire, an installation by Grégory Chatonsky, transforms the sounds produced by the hard drive into visual and linguistic aspects. The sound level generates random encounters between Flickr images and dictionary words thus giving a meaning to these disturbances.







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