Daniel Buren, Neuf couleurs au vent, 1984-1995. Coin Sherbrooke et Parc Lafontaine, Montréal. Collection d’art public de la Ville de Montréal. Photo : Guy L'Heureux

The CIAC can be your partner in the organization of cultural activities that you would like to hold at home or on the international scene.

During its history, the CIAC has carried out exhibition mandates on behalf of the governments of Quebec and Canada as well as for cultural organizations.

If you want the CIAC MTL to be your partner, or if you wish to mandate the CIAC MTL for the organization of a cultural activity, send us the information to the following address:


The CIAC can be your support in the development of private and corporate collections.

The CIAC maintains direct relationships with artists and galleries on the Montreal cultural scene.

If you would like the CIAC to support you in your process of developing a collection of contemporary art, please contact us at the following address:


The CIAC offers its service of sale of works for individuals and businesses to our audience made up of collectors, art professionals, artists and enthusiasts.

In return, a proportion of the profits from the sale will be paid to the CIAC for the holding of annual activities.

If you wish to mandate the CIAC to sell a work, please contact us at the following address:


The CIAC reaches many art enthusiasts in Quebec, Canada and around the world with its various communication channels.

Advertising space is available on the website, on the electronic newsletter and on printed sheets.
If you wish to place an advertisement on one of these supports, please consult our advertising kit.

There you will find details on how to proceed.