Wallpaper as a support for graphic works is back in force. Medium with a decorative vocation since the 16th century, it seduces a large audience. It peaks in the 19th century while its production passes from craftsmanship to industry. It has been very present in Quebec homes ever since. Found in the works of many artists since the 1960s, wallpaper is always a source of inspiration. Whether for Andy Warhol, Kent Monkman or Zaha Hadid, wallpaper is a generator of reflection and creativity.


Our project is to provide information on artists who are currently working or have worked in the recent past creating original wallpapers related to their artistic research. It was created to facilitate research on artists based on different themes ranging from politics, decoration, poetry, geography as well as historical periods.


The Wallpaper project is under development. New content will be added regularly: more artists, of course, but also art critic articles as well as historical documentation on the use of wallpaper over the centuries.


This Wallpaper project is intended to be participatory and we actively encourage the public to send us their comments, ideas and contributions to the following address: We thank you in advance. An artistic committee will decide on the relevance of the information to be published and credits to be verified and given. We invite you to read our CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS.


In the ARTISTS section you will find a list of artists, designers and architects. We invite you to click on their names to discover their artworks.




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