Liliana Berezowsky, 1999

November 11, 1998 – January 17, 1999


Liliana Berezowsky’s work relies on the industrial world and the universe of the machine. Her sculpture-machines catapult the spectator into a seperate reality. They suggest functionality but remain inoperative.


The power of her work resides in tension and contradiction. Reality is distorted. What seems clear could may well be drenched in uncertainty. Simultaneously, the spectator assumes two points of view, creating the temporary suspension of a moment in time.


The public will have the chance to take another look at the monumental pieces Jenyck IV, presented during Visions 90, organised by the CIAC in 1990, also the piece Antigon VII, which was exhibited at the Galerie Brenda Wallace in 1991. The artist will be presenting two new, smaller works, one of them made up of photographs mounted on steel and the other composed of projections. This exhibit will be presented at the CIAC-Centre international d’art contemporain de Montréal and will run from November 11, 1998 to January 17, 1999.


Furthermore, we would like to thank the National Gallery of Canada and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, as they will be simultaneously presenting works of Liliana Berezowsky from their own collections.


The Liliana Berezowsky exhibit is open from Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 6:00 pm, at Centre international d’art contemporain de Montreal, 314 Sherbrooke East (west of St-Denis).